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“My highest possible recommendation. If you're looking for SMS/MMS marketing, but don't want to be constrained by putting a live body in front of it 24/7 or limited by simple, one-off away messages -- then THIS is the software for you.”

“The automation sequences are a dream. Our first go-around with this was far more successful than we had anticipated. The first time we put this out to customers in our initial effort... we had a 97% completion rate.”

“This puts our voice calls, texts, web chats, Google Business Profile messages, Facebook messages and Instagram DMs in one place. And let's my team respond by email. That is awesome.”

Switchbird consolidates phone, text, webchat, Google, Facebook and more into one inbox. Automatically engage every contact. Reply by email or text—no login required.

Now your business can be available everywhere with minimal effort.

  • Text back missed and after-hours calls automatically
  • Triage and convert leads with scripted messaging flows
  • Share customer conversations with your team
  • Respond in seconds with saved replies
  • Send powerful video messages and motivate customers to action
  • Schedule drip campaigns to nurture sales or request reviews
  • Broadcast mass texts to re-engage your list
  • Reply to messages from any source with simple email

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